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La véritable crème de cassis d'Arcenant depuis 1978

Crème de cassis de bourgogne

 Fruits culture

The element that determines the quality of the liquers is the fruit which is used in its manufacture and as we wish to assure its quality and tracebility the only fruit we use is grown in our own fields.

“Noir de Bourgogne” is a variety of black currant. It has a very intense flavour and gives 'Crème de Cassis' an incomparable richness and concentration. Blackcurrant is usually harvested around July 10th. The harvesting is done mechanically, and we need approximately 15 hours to harvest our 6 hectares ( approximately 15 acres) of fields.

The raspberry we prefer is the variety called Lloyd George. This raspberry is not very eye catching but it reveals all its delicacy and talent during liqueur making. Its very fine and elegant flavour is much appreciated. Raspberries are still handpicked, this is performed during several separate visits to the growing fields in order to harvest fruit having optimum maturity.

We also cultivate “Pêches de Vignes” (vineyard peaches). This variety has a rose coloured skin and picking takes place in the first half of September.

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