Jean-Baptiste JOANNET
Liquoriste - Bourgogne
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La véritable crème de cassis d'Arcenant depuis 1978

Crème de cassis de bourgogne


The fruit for the liquers, macerate in neutral alcohol at 96% vol. presenting no taste or odor in order to keep only the aroma of the fruit. After soaking the fruit is pressed, either using an electric press for the blackcurrants or a manual press, ours dates from the 19th century, for other fruit. During the pressing we obtain a mixture of fruit and alcohol called infusion. It is important to note that for the preparation of our liqueurs, we only use a single soak infusion. After this we add sugar to the infusion, the liqueur is then ready to be bottled and labeled.

To obtain good products, it is essential to have good fruit and an a concise manufacturing process. The aim is to obtain a good balance between fruit, alcohol and sugar to allow the flavours of the fruit to explode in ones mouth.

Our jams are,made in house using, raspberry, blackcurrant, vineyard peach and redcurrant are the main flavours. Depending on the annual harvest we can also produce jam such as blackberry, cherry, plum...

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