Jean-Baptiste JOANNET
Liquoriste - Bourgogne
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La véritable crème de cassis d'Arcenant depuis 1978

Crème de cassis de bourgogne


Our different flavours of jam, made using our own fruit, are prepared in a copper basin using well proven old recipes.

The following flavours are available, black currant, raspberry with or without seeds, raspberry and redcurrant mix, vineyard peach and blackberry.

Jam is sold in 450g jars.

Our prices range from 5,10 Euro to 16,30 Euro

Traditionnal jams of burgundy

Liquoristerie Joannet Jean-Baptiste- 4 Rue Amyntas Renevey - 21700 Arcenant
Tel : +33 (0)3 80 61 12 23
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